Russia 1914-41

ISBN: 9781780731223
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: History
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 232pp

Russia 1914-41

For CCEA AS Level
By Jim McBride



  • Specifically written to assist teachers and students to meet the requirements of the CCEA GCE History AS Unit 2, ‘Russia 1914–41’.
  • Full course book.
  • Examines the complex and compelling story of the transformation of Russia (as it was in 1914) into the USSR (as it was in 1941).
  • Author Jim McBride is an expert in Russian history, is current Secretary of the History Teachers’ Association of Northern Ireland, has over 30 years’ teaching experience and is a Senior Examiner for an awarding body.
  • Illustrated with maps and pictures.
  • Includes biographical notes, a glossary and a bibliography.
  • Contains key questions, group activities and exam guidance.

Additional Information


1. The Revolutions of February and October, 1917

2. Lenin’s Russia, 1917–24

3. Stalin’s Rise to Power and Dictatorship, 1924–41

4. Stalin and the Soviet Economy, 1924–41

Biographical Notes


Bibliography and Recommended Reading 

Exam Guidance

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